Development of Modified Release Nicotine Tablet Formulation for Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis

  • Marwan Y. Al-hurr


One of the therapeutic effects of nicotine  is used as  a protective against developing ulcerative colitis . ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory disease of the bowel affecting the superficial lining mucosa in the rectum and large intestine. In this study nicotine tablets were formulated as modified release tablets targeted to the colon. All formulas were studied for drug release , effect of diluent, retardant concentration, avicel grade,and compression force, the selected formula was then further studied for drug release in 3 different pH ( coated tablets) .The kinetic study revealed acceptable shelf life  . Finally the selected formula was given to 6 patients in a pre-liminary clinical study which showed that nicotine can stabilize mild to moderate ulcerative colitis attacks.

Key words: Ulcerative colitis, Nicotine, Modified release , Colon delivery.