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Author Guidelines

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Your submission checklist:
1-Read your chosen journal submission requirements
The individual author guidelines are located on the relevant journal homepage, under "˜Guidelines for Author" (in the top menu).
2-Read the online submission system guidelines
You can submit to Iraqi journal Pharmaceutical Sciences online, for example via Open Journal System.
3-Learn about the peer review process

This journal implements a double-blind peer review policy involving 3 external reviewers. Authors may request the removal of individuals as peer reviewers, but they must state the reasons in their cover letter when submitting. Authors should not leave out too many people as it may disrupt the peer review process. Please note that the editor may invite removed peer reviewers.

Deliberate falsification of information, for example, by offering reviewers a fake name or email address, leads to the rejection of the manuscript and may lead to further investigation in accordance with our misconduct policy..Publishing Process

Paper Format Template


Author Response to Reviewers

Iraqi Journal Pharmaceutical Sciences 

Publishing Instructions

These instructions contain three sections, namely: (research template, writing references, instructions for authors), and as below:

1-Manuscript and Review Template

    • The Manuscript  and Review should be written in English only.
    • Abstract typed separately in both languages not exceeding 200 .Arabic Abstract should be provided  for Arabian Authors only.
    • Running title which is a short title printed in the Journal at the right corner of right hand page of the article ( except the lead page ) . A short title of not more than 50 character should be given.
    •  Prepare text using MS Word 2010 (or later).
    • Paper size: A4 . The submitted manuscript has only one column.sized-paper (8.5" x 11") with 1" margins on all sides.
    • Font type: Times New Roman.
    • Title: pt 14, bold, centered.
    • Authors’ Names: pt 12, bold, centered.
    • Author's Addresses: pt 11, the corresponding author should be mentioned (email address and mobile number should be included).
    • The manuscript main titles (abstract, introduction, material, methods of work, results, and discussion): pt 14, bold.
    • The keywords are written under the Abstract (five keywords).pt 11, bold
    • Manuscript text: pt 12.
    • Subtitles: pt 12, bold, non-numbered.
    • The full word "Figure" is used as a heading under the shape or what it represents and an abb. Word “Fig.” is used anywhere in the text.
    • Tables and shapes are placed in the results in the sequence mentioned, not at the end of the manuscript.
    • All numbers are written in the Arabic numerals system (e.g. 1, 2, 3 ...)
    • The authors can separate or merge the results with the discussion.
    • Review article . The total number of words in the review should not exceed 10000 words and the total number of references should not less than 70 reference .

2- Write References 

    • References are numbered and mentioned as they are appeared in the text, using parenthesis (1).

 a ) Journals name abbreviations should be according to the chemical abstract service source index and according to the following sequence: Name of the author(s), Title of the articles, name of the journal, Year, Volume and the first and last page of the paper. References in the chemical abstract can also be used for references that are not available Articles that are officially accepted for publication should be written as in press " or Unpublished results "after the name(s) of the author(s).                                                                     

b) Books should be written as follows:  Name(s) of author(s), name of the book, edition, editor (publisher), place of publication, year, and the first and last page of the chapter.       

3.Instructions For Authors

      • The manuscript can be sent using Submission system in the journal web site.The manuscript is subject to the Turnitin plagiarism detection software before sending to reviewers, preferably the linguistic review in Arabic and English by the authors.The referenced facts adopted in the manuscript should not be taken from arbitrary Internet sites, but only those that rely on research published in international or local journals, books, dissertations, and thesis. The research undertaking, Copyrights and submission request forms (available in the Author Guidelines section) should be completed formally and submitted before any action taken by the journal. Iraqi Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (IJPS)   applies the license of CC BY (a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License).   If you need to know information on this license, please follow this link: ammount 250000 IQD (Iraqi Authors) , free of charge  (foreign authors) for IJPS upon acceptance of manuscript.

The author must incorporate revisions required by referees within a maximum period of one month; however, the final copy of the manuscript should be viewed and approved by the author within a period of three days maximum.The author/s should be declared if any, national or international organizations explicitly cover such fees for articles originated in funded research projects. If it is not announced by the author/s and if the grant authorities have a conflicting, in this case, the manuscript will be rejected in any process of publishing while if the paper published in this case the journal marked on the paper by "retracted ".

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