Phosphodiester Conjugation of Metronidazole and Dexamethasone as Possible Mutual Prodrug

  • Muthana D. Saud
  • Suhair M. Ghani


As possible mutual prodrug had been synthesized that contain metronidazole and dexamethazone conjugated through phosphodiester linkage. The rationale for this type of conjugate is to get a prodrug with possible site – specific delivery of its active constituents into the lower parts of the G.I.T.

This compound was synthesized by the reaction of dexamethzone – 21 – phosphate with metronidazole to form:(1 – (dexamethazone – 21 – phosphoryl) – metronidazole)

   This conjugate was performed using dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (DCC) as a condensing agent. The identity of the prepared compound had been confirmed using T.L.C., U.V. spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy and elemental analysis.

The partition coefficient for it had also been determined through n – Octanol / water partitioning system.