Co-Amorphous System: A promising Strategy for Delivering Poorly Water - Soluble Drugs

  • Eman S. Aldahhan College of pharmacy/Mustansiriyah University
  • Ameera A. Radhi
Keywords: Co-amorphous, co-former, preparation, characterization.


Amorphization of drug has been considered as an attractive approach in improving drug solubility and bioavailability. Unlike their crystalline counterparts, amorphous materials lack the long-range order of molecular packing and present the highest energy state of a solid material. Co-amorphous systems (CAM) are an innovative formulation technique by where the amorphous drugs are stabilized via powerful intermolecular interactions by means of a low molecular co-former.

This review highlights the different approaches in the preparation of co-amorphous drug delivery system, the proper selection of the co-formers. In addition, the recent advances in characterization, Industrial scale and formulation will be discussed.