Knowledge, Use and Recommendation of Iraqi Pharmacist Toward Complementary and Alternative Medicine

  • Samer I. Mohammed Dr.
  • Mohamed I. Al- Shadedi Ministry of Health- Alrusafa Health Directorate – Pharmacy Department
  • Ali A. Kasim A faculty member in the Department of Clinical Laboratory sciences -College of pharmacy- University of Baghdad
Keywords: Complementary and alternative medicine, knowledge, pharmacists, herbal medicines, nutritional supplements.


Over the past few decades, the global usage and applications of different kinds of complementary and alternative medicine are greatly exaggerated among the general population, this requires improving the knowledge of all health care provider including pharmacists toward proper and safe use of different complementary and alternative medicine modalities. The current study aims to assess the Iraqi pharmacists' knowledge, use, and recommendation toward complementary and alternative medicine A cross-sectional pilot survey was done on a convenient sample of Iraqi pharmacists. Data were collected using a pretested