Estimation of Beta Two Microglobulins, Fetuin-A, Resistin Serum Level in Iraqi Multiple Myeloma Patients

  • Ali S. Salman University of Baghdad/ College of Pharmacy
  • Eman S.Saleh
  • Mohammed S.Abass
Keywords: Multiple myeloma,Fetuin-A,Resistin.


Multiple myeloma is hematological disease produces many complications in the bone, kidney, neural and other complications. The study aims to measure serum biomolecules like fetuin-A and resistin and determined the possibility to use these biomarkers as disease predictor. blood samples were isolated from 58 patients and 24 sex and age-matched control, serum then isolated, and proper ELISA kit then used to a determined level of B2 microglobulin, resistin, and fetuin-A. The result demonstrated significant increase in   B2 microglobulin, fetuin-A and resistin in patients compare to control (1.3470.714 vs. 0.9130.253), p = 0.000, (14.00310.352 vs. 9.2594.264), p= 0.005, (1.9673.595 vs. 0.6040.622), p = 0.009, respectively.   These differences give the possibility to use these biomolecules as a predictor in multiple myeloma.