Preparation, Characterization and Ex vivo Permeability Study of Transdermal Apixaban O/W Nanoemulsion Based Gel

  • Mustafa R. Abdulbaqi Al-Bayan University
  • Nawal A.Rajab
Keywords: Apixaban, Nanoemulsion, Ex vivo permeation


This study designed to prepare ultrafine apixaban (APX) o/w nanoemulsion (NE) based gel with droplet size below 50 nm as a good method for transdermal APX delivery without using permeation enhancer, alternatively, the formulation components itself act as permeation enhancer. APX, a potent oral anticoagulant drug that selectively and directly inhibit coagulation factor Xa, was selected as a good candidate for transdermal delivery as it displays poor water solubility (0.028 mg/mL) and low bioavailability (50%). APX-NE gel was prepared using triacetin, triton-x-100 and carbitol as oil phase, surfactant and cosurfactant respectively, while Carbopol 940 used as a gelling agent. Ex vivo permeation of APX-NE gel through human stratum corneum reveal