Assessment of the Clinical Pharmacists' Role by Physicians at Baghdad Hospitals

  • Ahmed H. Saihood Department of clinical Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, University of Baghdad
  • Ali F. Hasan Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, College of Pharmacy, University of Baghdad
Keywords: Physician, clinical pharmacist, Baghdad, assessment, services.


In Iraq, there is a limited research work exploring the clinical pharmacists' role from the point of view of other healthcare professionals.

 To investigate physicians' assessment of clinical pharmacy services at Baghdad hospitals, and compare junior physicians with senior physicians' point of view.

The study was conducted in twelve governmental hospitals in Baghdad, Iraq. Data was collected from a sample of two hundred physicians, and through a validated, self-administered questionnaire, which comprised twenty statements in addition to a non-personal information form that precedes the questionnaire 

The study findings reveal a somewhat positive point of view towards clinical pharmacists' performance in Baghdad hospitals. Physicians are satisfied with clinical pharmacists' recommendations regarding their prescriptions, and their availability for consultation. However, they are dissatisfied with or unaware of the unconventional services that are not directly related to the medical prescription. Junior physicians are more appreciative of the clinical pharmacist's role than senior physicians.