The Effects of Aloe vera Gel, Sesame Oil and Camphor Oil on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated from Burnt Patients

  • May T. Flayyih
  • Raghad Q. Majeed


Three isolates of  P. aeruginosa were isolated from burnt patients. The ability of these isolates for adhesion and formation of slime layer were tested, the result showed that all isolates were able to adherence on the smooth surface. The sensitivity of  P. aeruginosa isolates for antibiotics were tested , all isolates were sensitive  to Gentamycin, Piperacillin and Amikacin Ciprofloxacin, and  resist to Tetracyclin, Amoxicillin, Cephalexine , Ceftriaxone. Ciprofloxacin and Amikacin were found effective against P. aeruginosa isolates with MIC values of 3.8 μg/ ml for  Ciprofloxacin  and 0.244 μg/ ml for Amikacin The antibacterial effect of Different concentrations of Aloe vera gel, Sesame Oil and Camphor Oil against P. aeruginosa were determined, Camphor was highly effective with Concentration inhibit bacteria value of 10% followed by Sesame Oil (20%) and Aloe vera gel (>75%). The combinations of Aloe vera gel, Sesame Oil and Camphor Oil and antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin and Amikacin ) showed that the efficacy of  the two antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin and Amikacin ) against P.aeroginosa isolates was improved in the presence of Aloe vera gel, Sesame Oil and Camphor Oil.

Key words : Aloe vera gel, Sesame Oil , Camphor Oil , Pseudomonas aeruginosa.