Clinical Evaluation of a Formulated Econazol Nitrate as A Topical Solution


  • Laith H. Samein



Econazole nitrate (EN) is considered as the most effective agent for the treatment of all forms of dermatomycosis caused by dernatophytes. It was formulated as a topical solution in our laboratories. This study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of Econazol Nitrate in the prepared formula and compared with that of commercial brand, Pevaryl®. A total of 104 patient suffering from dermatomycoses were involved in this investigation. Both formula were applied to the affected skin region in the morning and evening from week to 16 weeks with light massage until complete healing effect was achieved. The data revealed that the percentage of cured patient treated with the prepared formula and reference formula of Ecanozol Nitrate 1% solution were 90.3% and 88.4% respectively also chronic cases could be largely cured by treatment with the prepared formula Econazol Nitrate 1% solution. The results of this clinical investigation showed that the prepared formula of Ecanozol nitrate 1% was effective as compared to that of the commercial brand, Pevaryl®.